Self Care

Module 2 – The truth behind your physical, emotional & nutrtional health

Module 2

Give an overview of content 

Module Structure

Lesson 1 - The good, the bad and the ugly!

We could pick you apart and point out all your beautiful flaws and weaknesses, but you already know these right? We could trample over old ground, that you have been mulling over for years, but has that helped you move past or conquer your health worries or anxieties, maybe for a little while but they son returned to haunt you. probably just.  So lets try and avoid the same processes...lets try and make a change. What we are going to do in this part of the course it ask you deep down what it is you would like to change and search for the reasons you believe you can't make them. We are going to use journaling, reflection and meditation to find the answers. You will start a food diary with a timelime to identify any nutritonal, emotional causes of your worries and you are going to act to change the repeated sabotaging behaviour.

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