Self Care

Module One – What are your sabotaging habits?

Module 1

There's no age limit on looking and feeling your all comes down to beliefs, knowledge and choices. I believe we make our best choices if we know who we are and learn to trust ourselves. We are told lots of contradictory information as we grow and we learn to accept certain facts and reject others....but how much of that information is what we have learnt or what someone has told us is true? Our belief systems are integral to our health and happiness but do those belief systems belong to you? to your family? to society? For instance how many of you were told to eat carrots because it would help you see in the dark....and as kids we believed this....interesting their is fact and science behind this as beta-carotene found in many orange fruits and vegetable converts to retinol which helps the health of our this was a good belief that was instilled in you, but there are plenty of negative behaviours that we carry with us from our childhood, being aware of them and their existence gives us the ability 


How about if you were told that if you're naughty over and over again as a child so you don't deserve nice things you might sabotage yourself by throuwing a job interview for a promotion, being unable to accept gifts or money  

What is you felt you were not good as a 

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